been concealed Glatt under the strict supervision of the Dayan Rav E. CREMISI שליטא


Hofesh is very scrupulous regarding the control and monitoring of the entire restoration and food that composes it. The stay of the summer 2017, like all other stay will be placed under the sign of an irreproachable Hachga'ha.

A summer hiding Laméhadrine is:
– Supervised by experienced Mashguihims at all times in the hotel.
-Synagogue in the hotel
– Hazane Danny Dayan
– Shiourims and lectures given by Rav Yaacov Unichid

Preparing for the summer in a hotel requires a lot of preparation, a very scrupulous selection of the products that will make up the meals that are served to you.

Hofesh also chose with great care the team who will make sure that every moment this stay remains hidden in the strictest rules.

This is the reason why all Machgihims are chosen according to their experience but also according to their knowledge of the Hala'ha in the matter.

Rav Yaacov is the honor to be with us throughout this stay not only to animate conferences and sédarims but also to act as a rabbinical authority.

We have a Roch Machgiyah who will oversee all the hotel's cacherisation and be present to answer all your questions.

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